Skynet, 2021
Latex, relief sanding, and white-out pen on drywall. 111" x 103"
Site-specific mural included in the 2021 SVA MFA thesis show Here Together curated by María del Carmen Carrión. On view at 79 Warren St. New York, NY June 10th-20th, 2021.
Here Together: SVA MFA Thesis Show
June 10th - 20th, 2021
79 Warren St, New York, NY 10007
School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Here Together” an exhibition of thesis projects by MFA Fine Arts students. Curated by independent curator María del Carmen Carrión, the exhibition will be on view from Thursday, June 10, through Sunday, June 20, at 79 Warren Street, New York City.
“Here Together” explores the unfulfilled promises of digital culture and consumerism, the climate crisis and subsequent challenges faced by our fragile ecosystems and the structures of power and capitalism. The works in the exhibition explore with criticality and empathy the profound interconnectedness of the world we live in.
Featuring 25 artists working in a range of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation and video, “Here Together” addresses a range of subjects. A number of projects make tangible the dilemmas faced by an ever-expansive digital culture. These pieces explore ideas about security, the omnipresence of data, Internet dependence, state control, digital personas and cultural translation. Another cluster takes a critical view of entrenched belief systems, revealing the imbricated connections between state power and capitalism, monarchy and religion, and state surveillance and control.
The global environmental crisis is presented through dystopian views of a future that might come to be if the unbalanced relation between humans and the natural world is not quickly realigned. While some artistic practices are explorations into the sublime using ritual and spirituality, a few reflect on the fleeting aspect of life with humor and melancholy. The exhibition recognizes the power of art as a catalyst for bringing urgent topics to the forefront of our personal and public discussions. It creates a singular space for introspection as well as a gathering place for nurturing the encounter with others and our differences. For this group of artists, the exhibition is an opportunity to reunite after months of remote work and online learning, to see in person the work their cohort has produced—in many cases in the secluded space of their homes—and to celebrate each other.