Anthony Reamer is a studio artist and self-taught muralist. He received his BFA with a painting, drawing, and printmaking emphasis from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2019 and is currently a MFA Fine Arts candidate at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he currently lives and works. He is represented by Top Down Gallery in Chicago, IL.
Statement on current work and projects: While drawing and painting remain foundational components of my work, I try to perceive the various uses and characteristics of public spaces as prompts for art interventions and creative problem solving exercises. Because the ideas that regulate society are often reflected in the composure of public space, and how people choose to interact with it, I’ve found that public installations, socially engaged projects, and murals are effective in making these invisible structures more apparent. Working in public spaces also offers an accessible stage to subvert these same structures. I’ve done this by temporarily contributing a new use or meaning to public space through site-specific installations and by using of the art market to crowdsource the creation of things meant for communal use.
How an artwork can extend beyond the exhibition space and contribute to shared experiences in the real world is a consistent theme of my recent work. For example, my recently completed project, Pressure Flip, created its own currency, consisting of nine hand-painted skateboards, and inflated the value of this currency using the art market. About half of the revenue this currency generated was used to fund the creation of four skate features that were installed at DIY skateparks in Manhattan. In future works, I want to further explore how art markets can impact physical space.
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