Found Object Paintings. 2020

Damnation. 2019. Found objects on wood with enamel wash. 32" x 32."

Mobil. 2019. Acrylic on found objects. 40" x 30"

Flaws. 2019. Oil on found objects. 10" x 10"

The Lesson. 2019. Oil on found objects. 13" x 10"

Scientific Manpower and Education. 2019. Oil stick and acrylic on found objects. 60" x 20"  

Paradise is a State of Being. 2019. Oil stick and acrylic on found objects. 48" x 36"

A/E Body in Flux
Works shown in Herter Gallery at Amherst University, MA and at Penn State, PA. Curated by Chahee Yoon and Jessica Scott. 

Public installation. 2019. Duluth, MN. Photo by Henry Elholm

Public installation. 2019. Duluth, MN. Photo by Wilson Johnson

The Jacket Project ® – A Social Enterprise
The primary goal of The Jacket Project was to anonymously give away jackets to people through public installation. The secondary goal of this project is to use painted jackets as a form of temporary street art without the need for destruction of property. Jackets are bought from second hand stores and select jackets are sold to fund the projects material cost. Data provided below.

Public installation. 2019. 13 repurposed jackets, enamel and spray-paint. Dorthy Day Center. St. Paul, MN

Public installations. 2019. Spray-paint on repurposed jackets. Duluth, MN & Chicago, IL