You Wonder If Your Own Eyes Treasure Life. 2018. Acrylic on panel. 24" x 24"

Little Dark Age, 2018
Solo show at Top Down Gallery. Chicago, IL. March 1st, 2019

Say Something Nobody Understands and They'll Do Anything You Want Them To. 2018. Mixed media, found objects, and lights on canvas. 31” x 38” x 1.5”

Don't Even Know What I Was Running for— Guess I Just Felt Like It. 2018. Mixed media and found objects on canvas. 63” x 56” x 2.4”

You Never Know Where the Hell You Are. 2018. Lithograph. 24" x 17"

You Never Know Where the Hell You Are II. 2018. Crayon on paper. 24" x 17"

Common Apparel Murals, 2018
St. Paul, Minnesota and Los Angeles, California.

Permanent mural at Common Apparel headquarters. 2018. St. Paul, MN

Vinyl wrap for Common Apparel both at Agenda Trade Show. 2018. Los Angeles, CA